LAWTON, Iowa (KCAU)– The Lawton-Bronson Community School District hopes to upgrade their high school with a bond this November that will improve extracurricular activities for their students.

District officials are asking their community to pass a $15.5 million bond for a new auditorium, gym, and fitness center.  This in turn will create an additional classroom for the high school and students in choir and athletics will have more space for their activities.

“We really run into problems when we’re trying to schedule our youth programs, along with our games. Sometimes our girls might practice early and the boys practice late. Currently without an auditorium, sometimes we have to close our gym down to get set up for the Christmas program which has to be in the gym,” said Chad Shook, Lawton Bronson Community School District superintendent.

For the bond to pass, the school needs a super majority of 60% of folks voting yes on this year’s ballot. Shooks says he hasn’t heard much from the community concerning the bond but is eager to hear from them at the ballots

“My goal is just to get the information out to the people, identify the need, and then it’s up for the community to decide. I mean I feel that’s my role as a superintendent to identify that need, I feel that’s my role to look and see what’s best for students first, community second, and then let the community have their say,” said Shook.

If the bond passes, shook says they expect construction to begin in late spring or early summer and be completed in the winter of 2025.