Laundromats try to help prevent COVID-19 with precautions

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)- Laundromats in Sioux City have continued to keep their doors open as they are considered an essential business in Iowa. However, like any businesses they are stepping up their sanitation efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re cleaning up with the Clorox wipes and the Windex to just keep things as clean as possible,” said John Gleaza, the owner of Pierce Street Laundry.

Glaza said he is doing everything in his power to step up sanitation and social distancing inside his business.

“Sundays are our busiest days, so we try to tell people, ‘Hey we got 10-12 people. Let’s wait a little bit,'” said Glaza.

When it comes to cleaning his customers clothes, he leaves that up to the washing machines.

“Dryers run at 160 degrees and they will pretty much kill anything known to man including bed bugs so no need to worry about coming into a dry after someone is using it,” said Glaza.

“The CDC recommends doing laundry in the highest temperature. And when you put your clothes in the dryer, also use the highest setting and that will definitely kill the virus,” said Morningside College Associate Professor Anni Moore, who teaches microbiology.

Moore said COVID-19 is known as an envelope virus.

“Which means in addition to the protein coat, this virus also have a lipid envelope around them, and that lipid envelope is like the cell membrane, like any cell you have in your body. And thanks to that envelope, it’s easier to inactivate this virus,” said Moore.

Making the virus a lot easier to kill compared to the common cold.

While the machines take care of your laundry, Moore said customers also need to take care of themselves.

“However, if you do handle money, wash your hands afterword. And if you go out in public, do wear the cloth masks if you are one of the carriers,” Moore.

Pierce Street Laundry is considered an essential business and Glaza plans to continue to keep his doors open with help from the community.

“We really do care. We want to be as safe as possible and keep a lot of distance,” said Glaza.

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