Late but not forgotten: Noisy Cicadas returning to Siouxland

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It’s one sign of summer that many folks wish wouldn’t arrive.

Cicadas show up every year around Iowa making a racket for a few weeks before dying out. Workers at the Adams Nature Preserve say that juvenile Cicadas, called nymphs, have started emerging from the ground to shed their exoskeletons. The wet spring may have something to do with the delay in the loud bugs’ arrival.

“July is kind of later for the Cicadas. Maybe the soil being a little too wet, maybe it took a little longer for the soil to heat up. They’re not that late but they are a little bit late,” said park manager Jody Moats.

If you’re worried about losing sleep due to the cicada mating call, don’t worry. Cicadas are only around for about 5 weeks.

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