NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) — The largest land sale in the history of North Sioux City was announced by the Graham Airpark Developer.  

According to a release from Graham Airpark, during a State of South Dakota Department of Transportation meeting that occurred on Thursday, Graham Airpark Developer in North Sioux City Stephen Jones announced a new partnership with the state of South Dakota for a runway expansion project.  

“It is with great honor and dignity that today, a day that I will remember for the rest of my life, I am announcing that the Graham Airpark Development has achieved a once in a lifetime feat that will change the demographic of the State of South Dakota forever,” said Jones. 

The release showed that the Graham Airpark Development Project is the largest land sale in history within North Sioux City and is the largest governor’s economic development funded project in the history of South Dakota.  

Courtesy of Graham Airpark

Jones indicated that the project is ready to proceed and has been designed to allow large aircraft to fly in and out of North Sioux City. The preliminary Airport Layout Plan was created with the State of South Dakota partnership and KLJ Engineering was stated to be the lead project engineer.  

The release specified that the runway would measure 6600’ by 75’ and has 90-acres dedicated to workforce housing. It was stated that more than 330-acres will have the ability for direct runway access, and KLJ Engineering assured that the airspace is protected.  

“We will be proceeding forward with all stakeholders to bring a monumental opportunity for economic development to South Dakota,” said Jones, “The Graham Airpark Development will forever change the capabilities of 7K7 Graham Field and will bring economic impact of over 300 million dollars to the great state of South Dakota over the next coming decades.”  

The release indicated that the Graham Airport is the second airport in the history of South Dakota, with the Clide Ice in Spearfish being the first. Graham was noted to be the first airport to have a paved runway.  

“A legacy that continued with the belief in my leadership from Dr. M Frances Graham’s to carry on the ‘baton,’ The plans to bring the airport into the next century as a world-class airport and bring a 1400-acre planned development to life, has exceeded all our expectations,” said Jones, “It is humbling to be a part of this new adventure along with a great team and support that continues to help make it all possible. It is truly an unprecedented opportunity for the state of South Dakota and the Southeaster South Dakota communities.”