SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A local organization that provides a safe environment for survivors of sex trafficking has announced a temporary closure.  

According to a release from the Lila Maes House (LMH), the Board of Directors have made the decision to temporarily lay off the LMH employees due to insufficient funding.  

The release stated that the available finances are not enough to guarantee employees continued employment, but they anticipate returning to work with the survivors after the organization has had a chance to regroup.  

The survivors currently living in the LMH have been transferred to different safe housing.  

“It has been challenging to raise sufficient funds to support the 24/7 presence Lila Mae’s House staff have with survivors.  It is important to have staff present with survivors to assure them of safety and attention to healing the lasting violence and trauma they have experienced.” 

Statement from the Lila Maes House release

The release specified that LMH is inviting the public to donate to help LMH continue providing a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to have continuous care.  

Founder and President Sister Shirley Fineran is available for presentations on human trafficking. Call 712-224-2677, email, or visit the website for more information.