SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Human Rights Commission are helping bring awareness to Siouxlanders rights as a renter.

Tenants have the rights to livable conditions such as working water and heating and cooling in their apartments along with receiving a 30-day notice before being eviction. These are only a few laws that tenants need to be aware of.

The executive director of the Sioux City Human Rights Commission, Karen Mackey said along with the other problems, she’s had some reports of discrimination against support animals in Siouxland.

“For example, tell someone that you’re gonna charge them a pet deposit or monthly payment pet fee, for an animal that is actually an assistant animal. It would be like charging someone for use of a crutch, you can’t do that,” said Mackey.

If residents believe their rights are being silenced contact the Sioux City Human Rights Division immediately.