LE MARS, Iowa (KCAU) — The Plymouth County Attorney’s office has added more than a dozen charges to the indictment of the former Kinglsey Police Chief.

James Dunn, 54, was the subject of an investigation by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation after the Hinton Police Department asked him to look into allegations that he stalked or otherwise used his powers inappropriately and for personal gain. Dunn was subsequently arrested on February 15.

The court documents allege that Dunn illegally accessed information using his police officer credentials on four individuals for personal purposes. He is also charged with stalking two of the alleged victims while carrying a deadly weapon.

Initially, Dunn was only charged with stalking one of his alleged victims, his ex-girlfriend, and illegally using computer data he had access to as chief of police against her, her new boyfriend and the boyfriend’s roommate. Of his 19 charges, eight pertain to the ex-girlfriend and four each refer to the ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend and his roommate. The stalking charges specifically pertain to the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

However, the new charging documents include a new victim alleging that Dunn “requested, obtained or sought to obtain” intelligence data against the person. The individual was not mentioned in the original charging affidavits. Additional information about this individual was not available as new affidavits were not filed as part of the new charging documents.

Of the 19 charges, eight are class D felonies and the other 11 are misdemeanors.

Dunn’s next court date is his arraignment which is scheduled for March 20.