KINGSLEY, Iowa (KCAU) A fourth-grade class at Kingsley-Pierson elementary school enjoyed a special 100th day of school.

To mark the occasion, the class’s teacher put out a call for 100 pieces of mail from the public, each to be read and hung up around the classroom.

Well over 100 cards ended up being sent, all wishing the class a happy 100th day.

“They had no idea they were coming, so today we finally told them right before we opened them and they were so excited. As you can tell, they were pretty wired today. It’s just fun, it’s been a crazy last couple years in education, so to get them a little ray of hope like this is fun for them too,” said teacher Jenn Conrad.

Letters came as far away as Hawaii and Pennsylvania, whereas some were sent locally, including a letter sent by the staff here at KCAU.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Cubs also sent in letters to help celebrate the day.