SIOUX CITY, Iowa – On the outskirts of Sioux City, a one-of-a-kind Christmas show lights up the landscape.

“[The] biggest thrill for me is to sit in my chair by the window there, and watch everybody drive through. It kinda makes me feel like a little kid in a candy store,” David Ketelsen said.

Welcome to the Ketelsen Family Christmas Light Show: a hidden holiday gem Siouxlanders have treasured for the past five years.

“We moved out here to the property, and we put out some Christmas lights one day, and we were like, you know, we ain’t got enough, and here we are now, where there are lights all over the place,” Ketelsen said.

The jolly driveway sparkles with dazzling displays made up thousands of Christmas lights.

“Our ten foot snowman–that took probably two or three hours to string the lights. The carousel–we did that new last year.”

The event’s drive-through format couldn’t have been more timely with COVID-19.

While the show is free, donations are accepted. However, none of them go to setting up or fixing the displays.

“We’ll have enough for another scholarship for sure the year after, and hopefully with more donations, we could maybe get it up to 3-4 scholarships a year. We just want to thank everybody that donates, and hopefully everyone enjoys it out here.”

The Ketelsen Light Show is located at 808 Romans Rd. in Sioux City, and will run every night from 6-10pm until January 1st. If you’d like to donate to their scholarship fund to help kids in the River Valley School District, you can visit for more information.