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KCAU staffer, Siouxlanders shave heads for cancer fundraiser

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - A small barber shop in Sioux City is making a big donation to pediatric cancer.

Leeds Barbersop is teaming up for the 10th year with the St. Baldrick's Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research.

People around the area, many of them regulars to the shop, stepped in with colored and crazy hairstyles, and left with a freshly shaved head in honor of kids who have lost their hair to cancer treatment.

One little guy at just three-years-old sat down for a shave because he says he "wanted to help the sick kids."

The shop owner, DuWayne Harvey, said it's heartwarming to see Siouxland come through for the cause year after year.

"It's touched a lot of people and kids, you know, have their whole life ahead of them, and we just try to help out to fulfill their life and the families," said Harvey.

The barber shop's goal for the day was $30,000, which was raised in nearly two hours. They say for as long as volunteers keep coming in today, they'll still be open for haircuts and donations.

And even our own producer and photographer Mary Pautsch took part in all the action. 

She got her hair buzzed and even got to take a stab at shaving the stylist in return.

Mary was the first women to go completely bald for the cause in the 10 years Leeds Barbershop has taken part in the fundraiser, though others have donated their long locks to charity.

She was convinced after Harvey offered a sizable donation to St. Baldrick's in exchange for a buzz cut.

Both of Mary's grandfathers have had cancer, and the mother of her best friend since first grade passed away from the disease in 2012, so she says it was an easy choice to make.

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