SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A district court judge heard arguments Friday for more than three hours from lawyers for a carbon pipeline and from Woodbury County landowners regarding a temporary injunction.

The injuction in question is for Navigator Heartland Greenway, one of three proposed carbon dioxide pipelines in Iowa, who filed suit to get permission to survey the land of William and Vicki Hulse.

William and Vicki Hulse of Moville have twice prevented Navigator employees from surveying their property. The land lies inside an area Navigator wants to use for the proposed pipeline. The company filed suit to gain access and the Hulse’s have filed a counter suit.

At Friday’s hearing, Navigator called three witnesses to testify. The company claimed the survey delays are trying to stall the pipeline and cause the company extra expenses, adding that Iowa law guarantees access to the land for survey.

The Hulse’s are challenging the constitutionality of that Iowa law, saying that Navigator has no right to survey private property.

The judge said he will make a ruling within a week.