SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You may have noticed South Dakota is involved in several national issues. The state recently announced it was part of a lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company, Meta.

“When you put 40 attorneys general together, we are going to be making a difference,” South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said.

As chairman of the National Attorney General Alliance, Jackley sets the agenda, which allows him to choose what the group focuses on. It also allows AGs a chance to communicate, form relationships and collaborate outside of the alliance. The lawsuits brought by groups of Attorneys General bring in funds from entities like big tobacco, pharmaceutical corporations and now potentially social media companies.

“They are going to the Department of Social Services, Department of Health for both education and prevention efforts. You know, they can be significant. You know one of the biggest things I try to promote as attorney general, going back to the Meta lawsuit is to stop the conduct. That’s the most important thing in my mind; what can we do to stop that conduct,” said Jackley.

Jackley believes the next target is another social media company, TikTok.

“I have strong feelings that they can do a better job of protecting our kids and certainly not collecting data and invading our children’s privacy,” said Jackley. “And so certainly I think those in the coming weeks you will see some additional movement by the Attorney General community on social media companies like TikTok that aren’t behaving appropriately and trying to take advantage of our children.”

The current Meta lawsuit alleges the company engaged in a “scheme to exploit young users for profit” by misleading them about safety features and the presence of harmful content.