J.D. Scholten files ethics complaint against Steve King

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Democratic Candidate for Congress J.D. Scholten announced today he is filing a complaint with the Congressional House of Ethics Committee over Steve King’s alleged abuse of taxpayers money. 

Scholten cited an article from ‘The Intercept,‘ an online news publication, for the basis of his claims. The article says King has misused over $18,000 of taxpayers money for personal gain on things such as lavish meals, drinks, and exclusives private dining clubs. 

King who has stated in the past his want to cut congressional spending was called out by Scholten for his excessive travel and dining expenses.

“He spent more money on international travel than the entire rest of Iowa delegates, including both senators, combined. So for a person who is trying to say we shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer money, it’s hypocritical,” said Scholten. 

Scholten then went on to claim King has spent over $170,000 on foreign travel. 

KCAU9 reached out to Steve King’s campaign about Scholten’s allegations against King. 

In a statement, King’s campaign refuted all of Scholtens claims. 

“With today’s ridiculous and desperate campaign stunt, our inexperienced opponent continues to show voters he doesn’t have what it takes to play in the big leagues,” said the campaign. “According to polling we will soon release, our campaign has sustained a 20 point lead throughout and the numbers haven’t changed in the last three elections. Voters throughout the district reject the constant stream of nasty and dishonest personal attacks our opponent’s San Francisco and New York donors demand and fund. Our opponent’s latest liberal lie may play well with Nancy Pelosi, but Iowans know it’s strictly bush league stuff.”

“The Conservative Opportunity Society (COS), founded by Newt Gingrich in 1983 and led for 14 years by Congressman Steve King, is one of the most important official forums for the advancement of Conservative ideas on Capitol Hill. Noted speakers have included Vice President Dick Cheney, Justice Antonin Scalia, Speaker Paul Ryan, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and National Security Advisor John Bolton. COS activities are regularly reviewed and approved in advance of payment by the Committee on House Administration. COS is an official House approved caucus and expenditures are not going to lobbyists and alcohol. They are going to bacon and eggs and grits and coffee. Any suggestion otherwise is not accurate and deliberately misleading.”

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