A group of concerned Siouxlanders are rallying behind a service they say is crucial for Iowa workers.

The Labor Center Coalition has been formed to try to save the University of Iowa’s Labor Center as budget cuts are prompting its closing.

Attorney, Dennis McElwaine who teaches at the labor center says, “It helped me kind of find my path as to what work I wanted to do.”

McElwaine is one of thousands of Iowans who benefit from the services provided by the University of Iowa’s Labor center.

“For a very low price they provide a very high quality program that benefits people throughout the state,” says McElwaine.

But after nearly 70 years, the university of Iowa is announcing they will be ending the program by next summer.

The University’s President, blaming back-to-back budget cuts by the Iowa Legislature, says quote, “We’re disappointed to be in this position because these centers and employees provide valuable outreach and service to Iowans.”

Those who utilize the program argue the costs of eliminating the labor center will be immeasurable.

Ernie Colt, President of the Western Iowa labor federation and local business owner says, “I just think it’s a terrible service to the workers here in Iowa to close that labor center. The education piece that they do for all workers is number one in the State. That’s what we need to do is educate our work force to keep our work force.”

Colt has used the labor center to train his employees. Without it, he believes the workforce will suffer.

“I don’t think that kind of training is going to be available that they’ve been getting from the university of Iowa. It’s just not possible,” says Colt.

There will be a public hearing on the Labor Center’s closing in Sioux City.

That’s August 28th from 6-8 in the evening at the Laborer’s International Union office at 3038 South Lakeport.