(KCAU) — The Iowa Workforce Development is launching a new reemployment case management program to help jobless Iowans find jobs.

The new program includes stricter requirements.

Job seekers will now be required to engage in four job-seeking activities each week, whereas the previous requirement was twice a week. The number of activities that qualify has also shrunk from 27 to 12.

Beth Townsend, the director of Iowa Workforce Development, said these new policies are not meant to stop people from receiving unemployment benefits, but rather help them find the right job.

“The program is not about getting people off the benefits,” Townsend said. “It’s about getting you to that next job because you’re almost always going to make more money at your next job than you will receiving unemployment benefits and it’s better for you.”

The program will emphasize setting up meetings between job seekers and career planners as well as evaluating resumes and work experience.

Lori Scott, a financial and housing counselor with the Center For Siouxland, said unemployment benefits are a necessity for job seekers to battle financial burdens as they look for their next career.

“Losing a job can be a very scary experience and so the unemployment benefits will help somebody maintain their household expenses until they can find another job,” Scott said.

Most Iowans who are unemployed will be enrolled in the programs with some exceptions, such as union workers and seasonal workers.