Iowa seeing shortage in its workforce

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Iowa’s unemployment rate has dropped below 3 percent, one of its lowest numbers ever. But there’s another problem facing the state: There aren’t enough workers.

Across Iowa, jobs just aren’t getting filled. That’s why many businesses and communities are striving to bring workers in from outside of Iowa. The Iowa Business Council says the quality of life in this state should attract new people to move in.

“US News and World Report named us the number one state of all states. So that’s a great thing for us to have out there,” said Georgia Van Gundy of the Iowa Busniess Council. “But we are working, the Iowa Economic Development Authority is taking a look at putting together a campaign to do just that: market outside of the state of Iowa to bring more people in.”

Staffing agencies like Aventure would welcome more people moving into Sioux City and across Iowa

“We definitely need an uptick in our population and i think that would really solve a lot of the time it takes to fill a position and just the amount of bodies that we have to choose from,” said Christine Salem of Aventure Staffing.

There are already some communities in Siouxland that are trying to get more people to move to their cities. Both Sioux Center and Orange City have programs in place that are supposed to attract workers.

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