SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A financial assistance program in Iowa is coming to an end this summer.

Iowa’s rent and utility assistance program gave more than $170 million in rental assistance to 17,000 Iowans. The program will no longer accept applications after the end of August.

Jean Logan is the Executive Director of the Community Action Agency of Siouxland. That agency helped operate the rental assistance program initially. She said many Iowans are not ready to lose this financial support.

“We’re concerned that there are people who still have not fully recovered form the pandemic, who are still in crisis and with this program ending, we’re going to have Iowa families who are falling behind in rental assistance,” said Logan.

Amy Tooley is Sioux City’s Housing Services Division Manager. She said Sioux City provides a housing choice voucher program for low income residents.

“If a family qualifies for a voucher, they’re expected to pay 30 to 40 percent of their adjusted gross income toward rent and then the Sioux City housing authority would pay the difference directly to the landlord,” said Tooley.

Tooley said the voucher program saw a steady number of applicants before the pandemic, but now more people are reaching out.

“The increasing rents do impact family’s ability to meet all of their needs and so we do hear families inquiring a little bit more often about the voucher program and how they may qualify and how it may help them meet their needs,” said Tooley.

Tooley said the program helps roughly 1,200 families. She said more than 200 families are on the waiting list for those vouchers. Qualifying individuals can apply in-person at city hall or online by clicking here.