Iowa Poison Control Center advises to NOT participate in Tide Pod Challenge

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A nationwide fad, trend, or however you wish to call it… people are going against the warnings…

“It’s a clear warning so you can see it says harmful if swallowed or put in the mouth,” says Tammy Noble with the Iowa Poison Control Center.

People are consuming laundry detergent pods. It’s grouped under what’s known as the Tide Pod Challenge.

“Typically the calls that we’ve had in the past were little kids getting into this,” says Noble.

But it’s not just little kids. Now teens and adults knowingly undergo the risk of being poisoned for a few laughs on YouTube.

“It might have been a dare. Sometimes teens are dared to do things,” says Noble.

Eating a pod can cause burns in your mouth, throat, stomach, lungs, which can in turn, cause trouble breathing, and can damage your eyes if it gets in there as well. 

‘For them to knowingly do this, I mean how do you prevent that when they obviously know better than doing it. Because often times they have admitted to that ‘I knew better but I still did it,'” says Noble.

Poison control centers are urging people to not consume the pods.

“I’m not sure why but we really do not promote doing this,” says Noble.

Although it is clearly indicated on warning labels all around the packaging, if you do consume a pod…

“The phone number for poison control is 1-800-222-1222 and we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” says Noble. 

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