FORT DODGE, Iowa (KCAU) — A man who stole more than $15,000 in Social Security benefits has been sentenced to federal prison.

Donald Glenn Conner, also known as Donald Luevanos, 38, of Fort Dodge was sentenced on Wednesday to ten months in prison after he pleaded guilty to one count of representative payee fraud.

In a release from the United States Attorney’s Office, Conner admitted in a plea agreement to applying to become the representative payee for a severely disabled relative. The release indicated that a representative payee is a person who the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows to manage Social Security funds for those who are unable to manage it themselves.

Conner’s relative had been diagnosed with a severe mental impairment and several other physical health issues, according to the release.

Conner admitted his relative to a local nursing home in May 2019, and the release indicated that he led the home to believe she was covered by Medicaid when she was not. He then used his relative’s social security funds at a casino, a grocery store, for video games, subscription services, and other bills. The release indicated that in March 2020, Conner removed his relative from the nursing home against a doctor’s medical advice after the home began asking questions about Conner’s use of the social security funds. Conner left the nursing home with an unpaid bill of more than $50,000.

According to the release, the investigation also revealed that Conner falsely underreported his household income and received an overpayment of Section 8 federal housing benefits.

Conner was sentenced in Sioux City by the United States District Court, and on top of the 10 months prison term, Conner must serve a two-year term of supervised release as well as pay $15,499 in restitution.

Conner was released on bond and is to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons on a date yet to be set, according to the release.