SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Americans age 50 and older lost nearly $3 billion due to cybercrimes in 2021. That’s a 62% increase from 2020 according to a report released by the AARP.

Nearly a quarter of the Sioux City population is now more than 50-years-old.

The group Iowa Fraud Fighters provides resources to report fraud as well as tools to help people avoid getting scammed.

The group hosted an event for Siouxlanders on Monday and with the uptick, the Iowa Insurance Commissioner said it’s important to be proactive.

“So we’re here to educate them, to talk to them, really to deputize fraud fighters so they can take this information and share it with their family, their neighbors and friends to really help people in the community better protect themselves,”

The fraud prevention seminar was free to attend and the Iowa Fraud Fighters plan to return to Sioux City next year. For more information on fraud awareness, click here.