Iowa Farm Bureau having centennial celebration

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Iowa’s largest farm organization will gather in Des Moines next week for its 100th annual state convention.

Delegates and members from each county of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation will meet on December 4th and 5th in Des Moines to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Iowa Farm Bureau.  

Craig Hill of Milo, Iowa, serves as the organization’s president.  Hill predicts many farmers will discuss the on-going trade war with the tariffs that have hurt farmer’s incomes.  U-S U-S Ambassador of Agriculture Trade, Gregg Doud is scheduled to speak at the annual meeting.

“He is the chief ag negotiator.  His name is Ambassador Gregg Doud. He is the guy at the front lines the ones that will meet with any trade relationship that we have, and negotiate and hammer out those negotiations.  So, a very important deposition with the U-S Trade Representative’s Office.  He’ll be with us.  So trade is going to be a focal point of course.  It means a lot to Iowans…a lot to agriculture. We’re going to hope to get some positive news from Gregg Doud,” said Hill. 

Hill says Iowa Farm Bureau members and other farmers are hopeful that a fair agreement can soon be reached between the United States and China.  Hill says it’s in both nations’ best interest to begin trade relations again.  He says farmers want to get the trade war behind us, since trade is so important to agriculture.

“It’s a difficult time when you have the uncertainty in the marketplace that we have today.  And the markets react to every hint from either our president, or from China, or any speculation of progress, or lack thereof.  So, it would be a very welcomed event for us to have President Xi and President Trump come to terms, make an agreement, and move forward.  We can’t speculate as to how that will progress, but we’re very hopeful.”

Another topic likely to be discussed according to the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation president is the on-going debate of the Farm Bill, which officially expired at the end of September. Hill says money is still being allocated for the various programs within the farm bill.  However, he says action needs to take place by Congress for a new farm legislation by December 7th.

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