SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — In coming years Iowans will have more options for filling up at the gas pump.

The Iowa legislature approved a bill that would require most gas stations to sell gasoline with a 15% ethanol blend.

The bill would require eligible gas stations to sell E-15 from at least half of their pumps by 2026.

Earlier this week, senators amended the bill so that nearly 30% of smaller gas stations qualify for a waiver. The E-15 requirement won’t apply to services that sell less than 300,000 gallons of fuel annually.

The addition of more E-15 pumps has grabbed the attention of some Siouxlanders.

“I’ve considered it, but the problem is that actually, you know, not all makes and models and vehicles it’s recommended for. I drive a Toyota, it’s a 2003. It says right in the owner’s manual recommended fuel is premium 91. But with high gas prices the way they are right now, most definitely if it were an option for me.”

The bill still needs a final signature from Governor Reynolds before it can become law.