SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Alternative designs for the Gordon Drive Viaduct and Bacon Creek Conduit project were presented to the public in person and virtually.

Two bridge alignment maps of Gordon Drive were showcased to get an idea of what construction plan Siouxlanders may prefer. There were also maps depicting three alternatives for the Lewis Boulevard junction area, two alternatives to the Bacon Creek Conduit, and one alternative for the Cunningham Drive area. A combination of federal, state, and local funds will be used to bring the project to life.

Depending on which alternatives are chosen for the project, the total cost may range between $163-$198 million.

“We’re looking at also introducing the opportunity of an intersection to Cunningham Drive. We’ve also kind of refined a little bit on the Bacon Creek Conduit. We’ve also been asked to, although we aren’t showing different alternatives, we are considering a Floyd Boulevard intersection with Gordon,” said Iowa DOT District 3 Planner, Dakin Schultz.

In 2023, the Iowa DOT will host a similar meeting to discuss refined alternative designs with citizens. If you missed out on the in person or virtual meeting, public input on the alternative designs will be accepted through the Iowa DOT website until November 28th.