SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Over the past two days, the Iowa Department of Transportaion (DOT) Board has been touring project sites around Siouxland.

On Tuesday morning, a public input meeting was held for citizens and organizations to go over what projects should be the board’s priority.

Representitives from groups like the Plywood Trail, Highway 80 Group and several municipalities went over their projects including the City of Sioux City on the upcoming Gordon Drive viaduct.

“The complexity that you have going around the Gordon Drive Viaduct, dealling with the old Floyd Channel, dealing with three different rail roads down there, trying to make added connectivity down to the stockyards area is one of our goals, if we can possibly restore the connection to Floyd Boulevard and Gordon would be ideal, those are all, like I said, still balls in the air that need to be addressed in the design phase hopefully,” said David Carney, City of Sioux City Public Works director.

The DOT is currently focused on planning and funding projects before they can announce any upcoming construction.