SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Every county in Iowa is receiving $1,000 to make poll locations more accessible, but Woodbury County officials said they have not decided how to use the funds.

Pat Gill is the Commissioner of Elections in Woodbury County. He learned about a month ago that the county would receive funds. Gill said most polling venues in Woodbury County are public places and are accessible for disabled people, but communicating is essential to make sure all Woodbury County residents are able to vote.

“Every election cycle, we make an effort to make sure we’re talking to the disabled community to make sure they have as good an access as any other voter in Woodbury County,” said Gill.

There are 29 polling places in the county. Many are located within public schools. Gill said county officials survey the polling places every election cycle to make sure they’re accessible for disabled people.