SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird made her way to Sioux City Saturday for her inaugural Bird Barn Bash

Many attended the event where they got to meet and talk with Bird about a variety of topics, one of them being her goals for 2024.

Bird told KCAU 9 she plans to give more support to law enforcement, hold the federal government accountable for breaking the law, and helping Iowans that have been scammed.

“Iowans, all the time who’ve been ripped off by con artists posing as fake companies or posting as their own grandchildren needing money, it’s absolutely terrible,” Bird said. “And nothing makes me madder than to see good Iowans being cheated out of their money by these horrible, Evil con artists. So, our office works hard to stop those scams.”

Bird added that she hopes to bring more awareness to scammers and provide advice to Iowa so the can identify con artists and keep their hard-earned money.

Bird wasn’t the only politician in Sioux City over the weekend as former President Donald Trump is also visiting Sunday.