Six months after 29 year-old Alicia Hummel’s body was found near the boat dock at Myron Grove also known as the Highlines Boat Landing in South Dakota, there remains more questions than answers. 
“I’m confident that there are people that know more about this case than has been told to us.” said Clay County Sheriff Andy Howe.
Howe told ABC9 he hopes a is  $5,000 reward will bring forth more information on what happened the afternoon Hummel told friends she was going fishing; including the whereabouts of a dark sedan with a loud muffler that was spotted in the area. 
“We would like to know more about that car whether it’s involved or not. Maybe it’s somebody that is a witness and they don’t even realize it,” said Howe. “Anything that anybody might have I just encourage them to bring it to us.”
An autopsy revealed that Hummel died from blunt force trauma to the head and an incision wound to her neck. Hummel’s best friend of 24 years Jody Janson told ABC9 that she still struggles with the fact that they don’t have closure. 
“It’s scary to think that the person is still on the loose,” said Hanson. “They could do this to another person if it was so easily done to Alicia.” 
Hanson hopes someone who saw something will come forward and help solve her best friend’s case before it goes cold. 
“You may not realize that if you were in the area that you drove past that person.  It doesn’t matter, every little bit will help because this has to be solved. This can’t go cold, ” said Hanson.
In honor of Hummel’s work with young children a fundraiser is being held to purchase toys for underprivileged youth. If you would like to help Click Here.
To contact the Clay County Sheriff Office with any information on Hummel’s case Click Here