A colorful landscape is a thing of beauty to enjoy with your eyes, but it should also appeal to your other senses.

A sweet Autumn Clematis bursts into bloom each fall creating a beautiful and fragrant welcome to visitors, and the buzzing of the bees adds to the enjoyment.

The fragrant flowers of a fall blooming Bugbane adds a bit of sweet perfume to any shade garden.  

While the rustle of the tree leaves, ornamental grasses, and wind chimes add another dimension of enjoyment.

The soft fuzzy leaves of a Lambs’ Ears beg to be petted and this pot of scented Geraniums release a fragrance with each petting.  

Garlic chives brighten the late summer and fall garden and can be used to add a light garlic flavor to your favorite dishes.  The fragrant leaves, flowers and even seeds are edible.  You may need to contain and deadhead to keep this aggressive plant in bounds.