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WHITING, Iowa (KCAU) — As the impeachment process continues, Whiting High School students are using each stage of the historical moment to learn.

Phil Hubert, a Whiting High School social science teacher, is making sure students understand how the impeachment process works by guiding them through each stage.

“We use the impeachment process to convey more things like we just did in class today. We use the concept of common law and how this process may be unpleasant or it may be necessary for our democracy,” said Hubert.

It’s a method high school senior Olivia Brown said is useful for students who aren’t following politics or aren’t familiar with the process.

“I didn’t understand the process at all. I just knew that somebody had to do something bad and somebody had to end up out of office,” said Brown. “It’s extremely important for government classes to use current events that are happening so we can actually relate to them.”

Whiting High School isn’t the only school that is discussing current political events within school halls.

Madison Ferdig, a student at Dakota Valley High School, said students are also discussing the impeachment process as the event unfolds.

“This morning when I came into school, people were making comments and someone during first period that they can’t wait for it to go to the Senate and prove everyone wrong,” said Ferdig.

While this impeachment process may be the trending topic in school halls for some students, others are saying they don’t feel the hype.

“They don’t see it because they’re kids but they will at some point because as seniors look back, they’ll say I’m glad we covered this and saw it,” said Hubert.

But as students continue to prepare for adulthood, some students said they appreciate opportunities that help them make better decisions in the future.

“It’s extremely important for government classes to use current events that are happening so we can actually relate to them,” said Brown.

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