“I’m very much focused on our next steps,” Dr. Gausman stays with Sioux City Schools

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After weeks of interviews, Sioux City schools superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman withdrew his application for the superintendent’s position in Omaha. 

In an unusual move, Dr. Gausman and the other finalist issued a joint statement over the weekend, both pulling out from consideration.
In a joint statement they say quote: “It is evident that neither of us have engendered support with the Omaha Board of Education.”
The withdrawal comes as the Omaha board was set to make a decision Monday.
Gausman now says while he was happy to be considered for the Omaha job, he’s even happier to stay in Sioux City.
“I’m very much focused on our next steps for Sioux City. I want to be clear, I’ve been focused on Sioux City the entire time because that’s what I’m being paid to do. But I do appreciate the community members who offered support, and certainly the board who offered support while I just took a look at a potential other opportunity. In the end, we’ve got good things going here, but we’ve got work to do” says Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Schools Superintendent. 
Now that the superintendent has decided to stay, he says while Sioux City schools have much to be proud of, there’s still a lot of work to do, and he has high expectations for the coming year.

“Very high objectives and goals that we set for ourselves, such as bringing about heightened literacy rates and heightened scores in student reading and English language arts areas, doing more in the area of mathematics for students, doing more to help students who are chronically out of school in school so we can better serve them” says Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Schools Superintendent. 

A big challenge is the school budget, the district may have to dip into its reserves due to a funding shortfall. Dr. Gausman says the school board will adopt a lean budget at its next meeting. Over the weekend, school officials met with state lawmakers to lobby for more funding in the future.
“In a district like ours, large urban district that has a bit of a property poor status, if they could see clear to getting us just another small amount in growth in state aid, it would have a better impact for their constituents, those who pay property tax here in the local community…and that was the crux of the message we were sharing” says Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Schools Superintendent. 

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