SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A Sioux City man was arrested on Monday after he was accused of holding a woman at gunpoint and told her that he’d split her head open.  

According to complaint documents filed by the Sioux City Police Department, Aidan Wabashaw, 19, of Sioux City was at a residence on June 12 when an argument allegedly broke out between him, the homeowner, and the victim.  

The victim told law enforcement that the homeowner was her friend, and that when they got into an argument, Wabashaw intervened by pointing a gun at her head. She alleged that the gun was one-to-two inches away from her head and she indicated to officers that she feared for her life.  

The documents showed that the victim went back to her friend’s house the next day, June 13, to reconcile what had happened. She stated that Wabashaw yelled at her again, saying “I’ll split your head open, look at my record. I’m a violent felon.” She told officers that she was scared that he was going to assault her, and she left heading towards Dale Street Park.  

The victim stated that she saw some of her friends were already at the park she was heading to, and she told them about what happened the day before leading up to the recent events, according to the documents. The men escorted her back to the residence where a fight apparently broke out between her friends and Wabashaw. When the fight had broken up, he allegedly yelled, “Bet, I’ll be back,” then drove away in his car. The victim told authorities she walked back to the park until things had calmed down and waited 45 minutes before going back with a friend to get her things that she had left behind. She told officers they hadn’t seen Wabashaw during the time that they waited at the park. When she arrived, Wabashaw walked out, said an obscenity, then allegedly pointed a gun at her and her friend. The two turned and ran away from him, and she told officers that she heard two shots go off.  

Later that night, officers performed a traffic stop on Wabashaw who allegedly allowed officers to perform a search of his vehicle. Officers found a handgun with an extended magazine underneath the driver’s seat. He admitted the gun belonged to him, according to documents, Wabasha is a convicted felon and is prohibited from owning or having a firearm. He also allegedly told officers that the handgun had a light or laser on it, which the victim told officers was pointed right at her before she and her friend ran away.

Wabashaw was arrested on Monday and charged with Intimidation with a dangerous weapon, going armed with intent, and assault while displaying a dangerous weapon. He was booked into the Woodbury County Jail on a $40,000 bond.