SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) –A decade long project is finally approaching the finish line here in Sioux City.

Iowa DOT said construction began on I-29 12 years ago in 2008. Since then Siouxlanders have seen and driven through that construction for years, but you might have noticed recently most of the cones are now gone.

“Well it’s busy, I’ll be glad to see it over,” said Ray Nanek, who lives in Sioux City.

Iowa DOT transportation planner Dakin Schultz said he has worked on I-29 most of his career and is ready to start on the next project.

“The last of the major construction items have been completed, we opened up Hamilton Blvd. recently. That was it for our major project so a lot less traffic disruption around the metro area,” said Schultz.

While less workers will be around the interstate, there still is a few more things left to be done.

“Wrap up work, clean up work, there is some pavement removable that is gonna occur we have got permanent erosion control that will go into next year as well,” said Schultz.

It’s continued progress that Sioux City economic director Marty Dougherty said continues to bring more people to our area.

“Now that the interstate is done, that’s going to open up a lot more development areas. We have a beautiful riverfront park that is going in that is going to complement what’s happening downtown, with a lot of projects underway downtown. Now, we just see that interest growing and the investment that the DOT made, and the city made in this project is going to pay off for decades to come,” said Dougherty.

Schultz said that there will be no official ribbon cutting, but he thinks Siouxlanders just being able to drive on through is enough.