SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As the school year in Siouxland comes to a close, students and faculty at one school celebrated more than just the end of the year.

For Hunter Elementary School students, this was their last time in the old building. Faculty celebrated the end of the year by giving out gifts.

Teachers and students say the new school building will bring with it new learning opportunities.

Caitlyn Bauerly is a fourth-grade teacher at Hunts elementary. She said learning will be much more enjoyable in a more modern school.

“Some of our classrooms will have bathrooms. We’ll have a stage for our art school. We’ll have a room where students can practice and perform in. Our art room is beautiful. The windows are gorgeous. So we’re very excited to have a new building,” Bauerly said.

Hot days in Siouxland are difficult without air conditioning and outgoing Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman said getting new buildings in the district was a priority when he started here in 2008.

“When we open Hunt Elementary School next year, the entire school district where students are being served will have air conditioning, so we can deal with the challenges of the late summer school startup that occurs,” said Gausman

For some students, saying goodbye to a building they’ve known for so long is tough.

Adalynn Manjarrez-Cortez, a fifth-grader said, “I am pretty nervous because I’ve been in elementary school for 6 years here and I will miss this elementary school here but I’m pretty happy I’m moving.”

The new building will open this fall.

Dr. Gausman told KCAU 9 that renovations for the high schools will be the next major project for the district. He said those buildings were built back in 1972.