SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – Softball fans have been loving Hubbard Park since the 1930’s and with today’s good weather, people from near and far got to enjoy the park.

That’s because College Fastpitch Softball is back at the historic park. A doubleheader was played between Minnesota State and Southwest Minnesota state on April 7.

This allows folks to take in the new improvements made to the park over the winter. That includes a new paint job on the bleachers and press box. The new improvements and traveling teams making their way to the ballpark have some folks excited for what’s next.

“It looks a lot like, you know, it did back then. It was a place to be. You know it’s a little different color for paint and stuff, but its being improved and that’s important. This is a, I love playing here because I felt it was historic because my understanding is that these stands were WPA build I think. The concrete stands were WPA I believe,” Paul Stensland, who played at Hubbard Park in the 1970’s said.

Hubbard Park will play host to another College Softball doubleheader between Minnesota State and the University of Sioux Falls.