How to stay safe when going out for a jog

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Whether its for fun or fitness, a lot of people around Siouxland spend time on a trail like this. But as the recent Mollie Tibbetts case showed us, jogging can be dangerous, if you don’t plan ahead. 

Police say there’s safety in numbers. That’s why they recommend running with a partner.  If you have to run alone, they say jog during the day and always let someone know where you’re going to be.  

“Taking a well lit, well-populated area route would be key,” said Sgt. Jason Allen of the Sioux City P.D. “There’s no reason to jog on a back road or down alleys or anything like that.”

Jim Ewoldt is a founding member of the Missouri River Runners, a running club in Sioux City. Ewoldt says he takes precautions when he runs, and shares that information with everyone he can.

“When I run, because I run in the morning, I always try and wait until sun up, so I’m a little more visible,” says Ewoldt. “I always want to be visible, I wear something reflective so oncoming cars can see me.”

Ewoldt says the dangers of running are different for men and women, and you can never be too careful.

“I have two daughters who are very active,” Ewoldt said. “Because of what’s been going on in the news lately I tell my youngest daughter that when she rides her bike to ride a different route each time. “

Taking extra precautions may take a little extra work, but it’s worth it to ensure your safety.

Police and frequent joggers, like Ewoldt, also say carrying a can of mace to use in self-defense is also an option, but, they say, it’s an option that should be used as a last resort. The key is to plan ahead to avoid dangerous situations and having to use a weapon like mace.

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