How to prevent frostbite in the Siouxland cold

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(KCAU) — With sub-zero temperatures moving into Siouxland, the chance of getting frostbite is increasing.

One emergency room doctor said it can set in quickly, within minutes of your skin being exposed.

Some of his suggestions to prevent that from happening, don’t go out in the cold when you are wet, stay bundled up and if you have to be outside, take breaks from the cold.

He says being in temperatures below zero, like the ones expected in Siouxland this weekend, makes it easy to get frostbite quick.

“The initial signs would be pain, numbness, tingling,” Dr. Folchert said. “The more serious signs would be damage to the skin, so sometimes you’ll see blistering, sometimes could be blood blisters. The severe frostbite, you’ll get a blackish discoloration of the skin.”

Folchert said if you do see any of the mild to severe symptoms, go to the emergency room where they will help treat your skin.

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