SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — This weekend Siouxlanders will be setting their clocks forward an hour as Daylight Saving Time begins, and losing that hour of sleep can affect more than just how rested you feel Sunday morning.

The loss of sunlight in the mornings alters people’s sleep cycles, which can often lead to the loss of quality sleep. A doctor with MercyOne says that sleep deprivation caused by daylight saving time often leads to other health issues.

“Actually there’s studies that have shown there’s an uptick in heart attacks and strokes during the period of daylight savings time. There’s an uptick in motor vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities and even an uptick in medical errors,” said Dr. Vanessa Ogundipe, of MercyOne Siouxland.

Doctors recomend getting plenty of sleep to offset the negative impacts of Daylight Saving Time.