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With the recent data breach of a Siouxland business, many may be wondering if there’s anything a consumer can do to protect themselves from being swept up in a data breach.

It turns out that asking questions might be a consumer’s best defense.

Statistics show only retail businesses have been hit with more data breaches than the medical and healthcare industry over the last four years.

Experts said asking about what cybersecurity measures your doctor or other business partners are using has become one of the most important questions a consumer can ask.

“Yeah, you have to ask that question. ‘What are you doing as a business to protect my information?’  It’s a natural question and it has to be asked,” said Blake Levasseur of Computer Service Solutions. “And remember, these criminals have hours and hours to research the dynamics of that organization and understand who the fish are who the people are that have the keys to the kingdom so to speak, and they work to that and ultimately they get success and we have breaches.” 

Levasseur said even the most cautious business can fall prey to a hacker because it only takes one mistaken click from one person to allow for a breach.

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