How to deal with hail during severe weather season

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – As thunderstorms head into Siouxland, hail damage from those storms can be expensive to repair for damaged homes and cars.

Shawna Nguyen can recall what her father went through last year during a thunderstorm because the hail from that storm badly damaged his car. 

“Last year, the storms those storms were really bad, like quarter size hail. When my dad went to go get it appraised, to see how much it would cost, it just wasn’t worth it to get it fixed because there was so much damage to it,” said Nguyen.

Now that severe weather season is upon us, hail can be a problem. William Harris, the owner of C&J Body Shop, said the damage to your car can run into the thousands.

“It depends on the size of the hail and how long of duration the hail is coming down. During the last time it had hailed a few summers ago, it was anywhere from three to seven or $10,000 on some cars, newer cars,” said Harris. 

There are a few things you can do to prepare your vehicles and homes for the hail damage. The first thing, according to Jake Goodin, an insurance agent at Goodin Insurance, is to make sure you’re are insured.

“With homeowners insurance, hail is covered under most policies that are subject to a deductible. Under auto insurance, you have to make sure you have comprehensive insurance in order to be covered for a hail event,” said Goodin. 

To protect your car, you can buy a hail blanket. The blank will protect your windshields and windows from the hail. And make sure to park your car where it will be protected, like under a carport or in a garage. 

“If you parked your car in a carport or garage, that would be the safest bet or even under a tree might help to a certain extent depending on how big the hails going to get,” said Williams. 

If your car happens to get hit by hail, you can look into paintless dent repair. It’s an easier way to remove dents from cars without damaging the paint. 

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