SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Temperatures continue to stay high throughout the workweek, and because of the ongoing drought, taking care of your lawn this summer may require more maintenance.

“Some of the things to keep in mind would be how tall you cut the grass, how often you cut the grass, and what the irrigation schedule is,” Lance Britton, President of Sharp Lawn Care.

He said lawns need about an inch of water per week and when it’s hot, it needs almost double that.

“When the air gets hot and it’s really hot outside, then we want to raise the mowing height that we’re cutting the grass at. The taller you’re cutting the grass, the further the roots will go down into the ground and they’ll look for their moisture down in the ground. So, as it reaches mid 90’s, you want to cut the grass around 4 inches,” Britton said.

Dan Wikstrom said he typically mows his lawn twice a week in the spring but tries to limit it to every two to three weeks in the summer.

“I mowed the grass too short that’s why it burned it out you know. It didn’t get no rain on it. I’ll just wait till we get some moisture it’ll grow back,” Wikstrom said.

Although that’s what is recommended, some lawns need daily maintenance.

“To play golf, you have to have a well-maintained golf course so you want to try to keep grass levels at the same height each and every day as close to it as you can. Watering every day at the golf course unless you get a big rain, you might turn it off for the day. But, during the summer heat, a good amount of water goes into it just so we can keep mowing it.”

On your lawn at home, Britton said, the best recommendation for irrigating is doing it every two to three days in the early morning.

He said watering the grass for longer so that it penetrates into the ground about 4 to 6 inches deep.

Temperatures are set to drop down towards the end of the week. So, if do you plan on mowing your grass, it’s best to wait until then.