SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The holidays can be a challenging time for blood centers, but a local donation place says this year was different.

Claire DeRoine, the community relations coordinator for LifeServe Blood Center, said perhaps the vaccine or safe winter weather has made people more available to donate blood this winter. Whatever the reason may be, DeRoine said she appreciates Siouxland’s generosity.

“A lot of other winters, we are begging people to come out,” DeRoine said. “This year is just so different and we’re really thankful and I just don’t know what it is, but we would love this every holiday.”

There are currently 50 donors scheduled for Friday. The blood goes to more than 130 hospitals across South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

The American Red Cross held a blood drive Thursday, as the need for donations tends to increase around the holidays.

The American Red Cross has reached a 10-year low in terms of blood donations.

Tammy Lee, the executive director of the American Red Cross’s chapter in Northwest Iowa and Northeast Nebraska, said Thursday’s blood drive had a full schedule with 20 donors and it comes at a critical time.

“Not only is it the holidays when people tend to be busy and getting in to give blood tends to be more of a challenge, but we are at a very high need for blood,” Lee said.

Lee said various circumstances contribute to a higher demand for blood such as medical procedures scheduled for the end of the year and an increase of car accidents during holiday travel.