How Siouxlanders can drive safe in the snow

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As Siouxland experienced winter weather, there are things to keep in mind when driving in the snow.

Tony Drake plows snow here in Siouxland and has experienced one of the many dangers while driving in the snow.

“I turned the corner and hit something in the snow and it tore my muffler off, so know I got to weigh that, is it worth, but now I’m going to spend 300-400 dollars,” said Drake.

Drake said he can barely see what’s in front of him

“The snow is so deep today, we can’t tell what’s under there, there might be a curb you don’t see, a piece of steel you don’t see, or some nails or anything,” said Drake.

Even when the roads are cleared of snow, there’s still some things to worry about, such as the ice that remains on the road after the snow has been plowed. Icy roads can cause you to drift and ultimately crash making it especially important to have a winter weather kit.

“We talk a lot about not having your cellphone with you and not being distracted while driving but in times like this, it could save your life.,” said John Farley of the Iowa State Patrol.

Farley said if you can stay on heavily-driven roads, it will be safer.

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