(KCAU) — Local farmers say prices for necessities such as fertilizer, diesel fuel, and farm chemicals have increased substantially over the last few years.

Adam Trudeau, a farmer in Jefferson, South Dakota, said some crops need more fertilizer than others so farmers rotate them to make the fertilizer last.

“You’ll do a fall application for soybeans but, or after soybeans, but you don’t use any fertilizer for that, so you can do a crop rotation. Pretty much if you went beans on beans, you don’t have to use that fertilizer for a year. You can prolong it,” said Trudeau.

John Gunderson said he’s these issues won’t go away anytime soon. Gunderson a farmer in Irene, South Dakota. He said the prices of fertilizer, diesel fuel, and farm chemicals are a massive hurdle for the next generation of farmers.

“Those are the things that worry me for these younger guys. The investment it takes to start out farming now, it’s mind-boggling,” said Gunderson.

Southeast Farmer’s Coop provides fertilizer, grain, and other products. Don Truhe is the general manager and he said transporting these products is a huge contributor to today’s high costs.

“Whether it be the ships bringing the imports in, our own domestic production, workers off the job, whether it be COVID or whatever,” said Truhe.

Truhe said while this is a rough time for costs, a silver lining is farmers are seeing a higher crop revenue which helps offset the costs.