SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Food Truck Fridays have been a summer tradition in Siouxland since 2016, but vendors and customers say high prices could take a toll on the community.

Myles Johnson lives in Sioux City. He says the Siouxland community is very supportive of Food Truck Fridays, but rising prices are forcing customers to adjust.

“The longevity of it, it probably is still going to be sustained but I think prices are definitely going to hurt outcomes as far as maybe people will shares entrees instead of getting their own,” he said. “They’ll be different ways around it.”

Some food truck owners have had to change more than just prices. Sheli Livengood drove her mobile bakery from Onawa to Sioux City for Food Truck Fridays. She says longer road trips are no longer practical.

“We don’t go any further than a 100-mile radius now because we’re kind of getting hit twice because all of our ingredient costs have gone up on top of gas, so it’s kind of a double whammy for us right now,” she said.

Livengood says getting ingredients can be unpredictable and frustrating.

“Yesterday, I couldn’t find any Doritos on the shelves. You just never know from day to day if you’ll have enough ingredients to properly run your business,” she said.

Sioux City resident Isaiah Davis says customers understand food truck owners are in a difficult situation and he hopes the prices don’t prevent Siouxlanders from coming to Pearl Street Park.

“It’s definitely supportive. I wouldn’t say necessarily get smaller,” davis said. “I think it would kind of maybe stay the same for a little while, but I think for a majority of time, there will be about the same amount of people.”

Food Truck Fridays are located at the Pearl Street Park. The event runs weekly from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm until the end of August.