How do Siouxlanders feel about the many visits from presidential candidates?

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With 6 months still to go how are people reacting to constant campaigning from a still long list of candidates.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – For months presidential hopefuls have been making their way all over Siouxland, trying to win the hearts of Iowans and support in the first in the nation caucus. With 6 months left until the Iowa Caucuses, how are people reacting to constant campaigning from a still long list of candidates?

There are still more than a dozen Democrats hoping to win their party’s nomination to run for president in 2020. With so many candidates visiting Siouxland as regularly as they can, some Iowans are having mixed feelings about this campaign season.

“This last week we have had candidates in town almost every day sometimes multiple candidates,” said Rick Mullin, the former chairman of the Woodbury Democratic Party.

The Woodbury Democratic Party had a busy year of coordinating visits with candidates all hoping to get their message will resonate with Siouxlanders.

“If you’re fully involved and with the programs it daunting,” said Mullin.

This campaign season has not only been difficult on the candidates but also voters who are putting in a lot of time and effort to hear from all of these presidential hopefuls in person.

“Yesterday I was with a small group of people at Dairy Queen and ran into Congressman John Delaney and sat down and got to talk to him for 4 or 5 minutes asking questions it was kinda great,” said Mullin.

Some people are loving the many opportunities to hear directly from the candidates.

“We get to see people’s ideas and hope they talk about them and how it’s all shaped as I have already seen a couple of candidates come through here,” said Tauna Mayhorn, a Morningside college student.

Others feel a large number of candidates makes it hard to pay attention.

“I think some of them end up becoming irrelevant as the race goes on so I kinda stick to just the main few but I am open to a lot of that stuff,” said Jacob Murphy, a Morningside college student.

“The vast majority of them will fall away but their ideas are becoming a part of the discussion part of the debate and I think that is really the most valuable thing that they are doing,” said Mullin.

Valuable discussions that have some Siouxlanders running full steam ahead with participating in this year’s campaign events.

“I just love having an opinion on what’s going on in the world because it’s gonna affect me in two more years,” said Mayhorn.

In the past two days, Sioux city has hosted 9 democratic hopefuls in town for the Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum. Wednesday is the first time in weeks a candidate isn’t in town.

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