SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A member of the Sioux City school board released a statement on Wednesday speaking out against allegations made by a parent as well as the board’s president.

During Monday night’s school board meeting, Sioux City resident Chad Krastel said that in 2019, his then 4-year-old daughter was assaulted at Leeds Elementary. He said the district did not want to take any action so he took it to the school board.

While speaking at the meeting, Krastel said that his family received harassment after making his claims and that after reaching out to the city and police departments, they were met with intimidation.

Krastel said that former superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman, Police Chief Rex Mueller, and Mayor Bob Scott worked with two members of the school board, Monique Scarlett and Perla Alarcon-Flory, to label him as a domestic terrorist by working with the FBI.

Krastel held a folded paper and said, “I have here, the information from the FBI. This confirmed what I already knew. Monique Scarlett and Perla Alarcon-Flory chose to collude with these individuals and label me as a domestic terrorist.”

Krastel goes on to say he was contacted by an FBI special agent named Steven Friend in November 2020. Krastel also said that the same FBI agent spoke to Congress this year about parents speaking out at school board meetings.

“As I stated before, special agent Steven Friend and his colleagues sacrificed their careers to topple this kind of corruption,” Krastel said.

Krastel was one of the 17 candidates who ran for the vacant school board seat earlier this summer after it was vacated by Alarcon-Flory.

After the board discussed regular agenda topics, school board President Dan Greenwell spoke about Krastel’s accusations before eventually calling a recess due to board member Monique Scarlett stating he was out of order.

During Greenwell’s statement, he said that he told Krastel that he was never a part of a meeting that discussed turning Krastel into the FBI.

“He was targetted and categorized as a domestic terrorist by former board leadership and the former administration. I too have been targetted with false allegations and smear campaigns which have all been proven false and without merit,” Greenwell said.

As Greenwell continued his statement, Scarlett mentioned multiple times that she felt his statements were out of order since Krastel’s claims mentioned her name.

On Wednesday, Scarlett released a statement on the accusations.

In her statement, she said, “Now that I stand alone against the bullying tactics of the leadership of the board of directors, I have been targeted with calculated character assassination attempts and slanderous comments.”

She also spoke out against the allegations that she reached out to the FBI.

“I was shaken and appalled by the vehemence and absurdity of such outlandish allegations. I have never contacted the FBI for any reason during my tenure on this board or for that matter in my entire life!” Scarlett said.

She also said that as an elected director, she took an oath to serve the community and fellow board members and will stand against bullying and bad behaviors. In her statement, Scarlett also states that she believes that the school board’s ethics code was not followed during the meeting.

“And for the record, the arrogant display of disrespect from the board president on August 14 was not the first attack directed towards me and other board members at a public school board meeting. A deliberate pattern of hostility and abuse has been executed against those who do not line up in agreement and endorsement with the board president’s rhetoric and agenda,” Scarlett said in her statement.

Scarlett’s statement asks for accountability to be held against the “vile contempt demonstrated by the leadership of the Sioux City Community School District Board of Directors”

Scarlett closed her statement with the following remarks, “How can we teach our students to refrain from being a bully when the main one is in leadership? This must stop today! Bullying in any form and from anyone—even those in leadership—will NOT be tolerated! Cast your votes in November for people who truly care!”

You can read Monique Scarlett’s full statement below.

In response to Scarlett’s claims, Greenwell said that Scarlett is deflecting responsibility and that the board will resume its focus on students and staff.

“Reporting citizens for FBI investigation is a serious matter. Ms. Scarlett is again trying to deflect responsibility for her actions related to that horrible event. We continue to hear complains and false labeling. it seems that Ms. Scarlett is in a perpetual state of aggrievement, disgruntlement, disenchantment or some other “manufactured” slight. This is a repeated and predictable behavior. None of this false narrative is focused ons tduent achievement, staff morale, staff recruiting, financial stewardship or any other meaninful operational aspect to improve our district. It is simply a “look at me everyone, “I need attention”. This board will continue to focus on students and staff while ensuring sound financial stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”

Statement from Sioux City school board President Dan Greenwell

Former school board member Perla Alarcon-Flory told KCAU 9 that she has always promoted parental involvement during her time on the board. She denied ever reaching out to the FBI to silence anyone, saying she never “colluded with anyone to silence any individual, let alone a parent/guardian seeking the best for their child, nor have I ever labeled anyone as a domestic terrorist, and I have never contacted the FBI.”

Read her full statement below.

The safety and wellbeing of every one of our students have always been paramount to me.

Student achievement can only occur when we create spaces where students are safe, feel welcomed, respected, heard, and are supported intellectually and emotionally according to their needs and abilities.

Parental involvement is crucial for our students to achieve their fullest potential.

I have championed parental involvement since 2009, when I began my service on the Sioux City Community Schools’ School Improvement Advisory Committee, and more so, when I began my service on the Board of Education in 2013.

I am proud to say that during my 10-year tenure as a Board member I listened to students, parents/guardians, certified and classified staff, building administrators, cabinet members, and other community stakeholders.

I have tirelessly lobbied and advocated for the resources that our scholars at the SCCSD needed.
In my dual role as a parent and Board member, I have collaborated with our stellar personnel, and I have worked shoulder to shoulder with other parents.

I have never colluded with anyone to silence any individual, let alone a parent/guardian seeking the best for their child, nor have I ever labeled anyone as a domestic terrorist, and I have never contacted the FBI.

As I mentioned, the full partnership between parents and schools is vital for the success of the students.

Fromer school board member Perla Alarcon-Flory

KCAU 9 reached out to the FBI who stated, “In response to your call, the FBI is not involved in any investigation of Chad Krastel.” They later clarified that “[…] there was no FBI investigation.”

KCAU 9 also reached out to Mayor Bob Scott who said he has no comment on the topic. We made calls to others mentioned by Krastel and we are currently waiting for a response.