SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claimed medication shortages can be caused from a number of issues including delays as well as manufacturing and quality problems. Siouxlanders said these supply chain problems have been difficult for providers and patients.

Estherville resident Curt Trenary takes a medication called Mounjaro for his diabetes. He said getting that medication is quite challenging.

“Last month, my local Walmart store in Spirit Lake where I get my prescriptions filled, they couldn’t get it and I actually drove to Spencer to Walgreens and was able to get it there,” he said.

He lost 30 pounds over three months and his kidney failure has improved from stage three to stage two thanks to his medication. 

“I’m just afraid if I can’t find it and it keeps becoming a shortage, everything I’ve gained so far, I’m going to lose again,” he said.

Bill Drilling owns Drilling Pharmacy in Sioux City. He said acquiring medications has been difficult for pharmacists as well.

“All the Adderalls are short due to a manufacturing problem with Phytiva Pharmaceuticals and then we have a lot of the diabetic medications, the Mounjaro, the Ozempic, the Trulicity; they’re in short supply too,” he said.

 Drilling said Siouxlanders should talk to their doctor or pharmacist to discuss solutions because going without their medication is not safe.

“You just don’t want to stop taking your medication,” he said. “You don’t want uncontrolled diabetes, or if you’re on Adderall or something like that.”

Drilling said sometimes pharmacists can help patients get their medication in smaller doses or help them find alternatives.