Hot Stereos boomed and blasted at the Ickey Nickel

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – On Saturday, audiophiles from the area held a different kind of car show.  

Some cars look straight out of a magazine, but don’t be fooled by the ones that seem more ordinary.

This event is all about what’s on the inside. Folks gathered for the 4th annual Car Audio and Modified Vehicle Show put on by 712Boom.

The event showcased a multitude of stereos and they were loud.

Car stereo enthusiasts tell KCAU 9 their group is a community within a community.

“We happen to be the loud group.  We’re the group that when you get to the ice cream cruise they put us out in the parking lot.  We’re usually the loudest.  Luckily we’ve got the Ickey Nickel here that has a good enough location and they’re hospitable and we’re able to get as loud as we want out here,” said Douglas Eyer of 712Boom.

For the competitive audio enthusiast, Bass Wars, MidwestSPL and USACI were on-site for the event.

Even though they had a lower turnout this year, they hope to be back at full volume in 2021.

The event wraps up Sunday.

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