Hornick continues to repair after flooding

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HORNICK, Iowa (KCAU) – Its been nearly two months since historic flooding washed over Siouxland. The town of Hornick was hit especially hard during that time.

All 225 people who live in Hornick were forced to evacuate during the March flooding. When they came home, most found water in their homes. On Tuesday, the city’s mayor Scott Mitchell told KCAU things are starting to get better, but there is still so much to be done to return to normal.

“It’s a tight little community now, tighter than it was and I hope it stays that way,” said Mitchell.

Nearly every home and business in Hornick needed some kind of repair after the flood. 

“A very long drawn out process of trying to rebuild and a lot of hours but on the other hand a lot of teamwork and a lot of friends that have helped,” said Laurie Crichton who lives in Hornick and owns the local bar.

Mitchell says the city’s motto “Hornick Strong” has never meant more.

“Most people are working at it the best they can and working through the process of rebuilding their basements and fixing things it’s going to be a long process but the residents of Hornick are moving along with it very well,” said Mitchell.

Businesses in town have reopened including the post office, local bar, and repair shop.

“We redid the floor and painted and everything so we kind of has a fresh new brighter look in here in the business,” said Crichton.

From road repairs to refinishing basements, there is still a lot of work to be done to get Hornick back to normal.

“It’s emotional at times, but yes, it has been a lot of work,” said Crichton.

They’ve also had a lot of help with people all over the region hosting fundraisers to help restore the Hornick community.

“Overwhelming, it really is. You don’t know what that means until you see it, and I’ve seen it all first hand, and it’s pretty overwhelming. All I can say to them is ‘thank you,'” said Mitchell.

People can still donate money to Hornick relief fund at the Sloan bank or Hornick Fire Department. The mayor also said if you have a friend living there, just call them up and ask them if you can come and help out.

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