SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– Temperatures are expected to fall soon, reminding Siouxlanders that winter is on the way. Officials recommend preparing both inside and outside your home before the cold hits.

“One of the first things you wanna do is get your hoses disconnected from your homes, making sure the exterior water is shut off, your sprinkler system are drained that can freeze the water expands then that’ll break a pipe. make sure your gutters are clear and downspouts are open, that will prevent any ice jams that maybe would happen if they were full of leaves,” said Terri Schelm, with the Home Builders Association of Greater Siouxland. 

For the next several months Siouxlanders will have their windows shut and furnace running and Bruce Kalin, the president of Kalins Indoor Comfort says folks should make sure important devices are in working order.

“Make sure carbon monoxide detectors are tested, smoke detectors are tested cause winters usually the time when everythings closed up and issues can happen,” said Kalin.

While this weekend will only be the beginning of chilly weather in Siouxland, it’s a reminder to keep your home warm and prepared for winter.

“One of the number one things to do is to make sure your furnace is operating properly, so we recommend routine maintenance. can be done anytime of the year, but that annual maintenance is important, make sure that furnace is running efficiently and safely. And one things folks can even do on their own is make sure that filters clean,” said Kalin.

“Maybe a little weather stripping if you have drafts coming in the window areas or maybe through any of your doors some stripping or caulk in areas like that,” said Schelm.

If you use a fireplace, Schelm recommends cleaning it out before you first use it this season to avoid sticks and leaves from falling into your home.